Healthy Lawn and Garden Workshop – Organic expert comes to Golden

Paul Tukey - “The godfather of the natural lawn care movement.”

Press Release - The natural lawn and garden trend sweeping the nation has arrived in Golden. Wildsight Golden, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Pesticide Free Columbia Basin network in partnership with the Town of Golden invite residents to learn about how cosmetic pesticides affect our health andthe environment, and to learn about effective alternatives for healthy lawns and gardens.

On April 19th at 1 pm, homeowners are invited to attend a free how-to public workshop at Kicking Horse River Lodge with organic lawn and garden expert, Paul Tukey.

Author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual and Executive Producer of the award winning documentary A Chemical Reaction, Tukey is also winner of the prestigious Horticultural Communicator of the Year Award from the American Horticultural Society. His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge turns the subject of lawncare into a rousing public discourse. He has been featured in thousands of media outlets from Martha Stewart and Good Morning America in the U.S., to the CBC in Canada, as well as National Geographic, Readers Digest and the New York Times, which called him “The godfather of the natural lawn care movement.”

In the Kootenay region, the District of Invermere, the City of Nelson, the City of Kimberley, the City of Fernie and the Town of Golden have all adopted by-laws restricting the use of cosmetic pesticides.

“We are thrilled to have a speaker of this calibre in our community,” says Sanne van der Ros of Wildsight Golden. “Pesticides have been linked to a multitude of illnesses including both adult and childhood cancers which is why the Town of Golden took action by adopting and implementing a municipal cosmetic pesticide bylaw. The expertise Paul Tukey brings to our community in terms of how we can make this transition and how we can have not only healthy, but also beautiful lawns andgardens, will be tremendously valuable.”

The Pesticide Free Columbia Basin network also has a regional website at which features information about pesticides, related health and environmental risks, as well as information about healthier lawn and garden maintenance practices.

The Golden how-to lawn and garden workshop with Paul Tukey is free to attend. Donations are welcome. The organizers encourage everyone to attend and to learn more about how individuals and communities can work together to reduce pesticide use.

For more information contact Sanne van der Ros at 250.439.1803 or at

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